Graphic design

for businesses 

that want to sell more.

Hello! I’m Andrea Castañeda, freelance graphic designer specialized in visual identity and branding for retail sector.

I help entrepeneurs and companies with the communicaction of their brand image.

Therefore, they transmit through graphic design, the values ​​they want to communicate, promote their products and services, get more customers, and increase their sales.

Take a look to some of the designs I have made. 

If you value the importance of having a good brand image, and you are in any of these situations, I can help you!

  • You have been looking for a freelance graphic designer you can trust and get involved in your project, but you have come across portals and thousands of websites and you don’t know where to look anymore.
  • You have a great project, but you need a logo that communicates all the values ​​of your company and that attracts your potential customers. But you don’t have time, nor do you handle the right tools to do it.
  • Your logo has been a bit outdated and you need to give a new look to your brand that attracts new customers. But you know that the logos, brochures and posters of the “do it yourself” type will not give you the results you expect and need for your business.
  • You are an entrepreneur, and you know that you must communicate an image that helps you support your project. A logo, commercial stationery, cards … you don’t know where to start!
  • You want to promote your products or services with an attractive brochure and a poster in your store, but you want a professional and quality finish.

Ask for a free assessment session.

What is it?

An online 20 minute talk to discuss the aspects of your business that you want to improve and see how I can help you through my graphic design services.

How does it work?

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You have reached the right place! I can help you make your brand image take off from your competitors and succeed with your business.

My designs will help you to:

  • Connect with your audience through your brand image.

  • Attract more customers and increase your sales.

  • Build trust by promoting your products and services with a professional image.

  • Differentiate yourself from your competition.

Happy customers:

Mi valoracion de Andrea es sobresaliente en todos los procesos que intervienen, desde el encargo al trabajo final. Profesional de trato cercano. Muy buena experiencia y un resultado optimo. Gracias Andrea.

Cristian Gabarro Griso
Torres - Friman - Griso
Real Estate Investments

Muchas gracias!!! Estamos encantados con el resultado. Era justo lo que queríamos y más rápido de lo que pensábamos. Nos encanta!!!!

Cris Mari
Es Vedrà Cleaning

Me and Andrea have been in touch at regular intervals while she worked on Supreme Floors. Andrea has always been very courteous, prompt, helpful and professional in the contacts we had. My both thumbs up!

Tess Sjödin
Marknadskoordinator på Bergo Flooring AB


Muy eficiente, rápida y servicial!! Volveré a colaborar con ella seguro 🙂 

Verónica Doval
SM Madrid

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