Design of interlocking tiles catalog

Design of the catalog for Bergo tiles. This PVC tiles, can have an interlocking system and can be combined with each other. That is why I chose a pattern of images, which, like the tiles, is combined to show different installations and uses of the product. The shape of the images is square. Imitating both the format of the tiles and the logo of the company, which also has this geometric shape. The information was organized so that the client can identify each collection and quickly access the data he is looking for: characteristics, formats, available colors, etc. And information that was missing in the previous catalog was added, such as: weights, packing methods and technical characteristics of the tiles in general and of each collection in particular. I also included installation information, and the available accessories for each collection. A4 size – 12 pages. See the company website

Me and Andrea have been in touch at regular intervals while she worked on Supreme Floors. Andrea has always been very courteous, prompt, helpful and professional in the contacts we had. My both thumbs up!

Tess Sjödin

Marknadskoordinator, Bergo Flooring AB

# graphic design  # catalogue design  # graphic designer  # brochure design  # leaflet design

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