Terms and conditions


  1. I will start with some questions to create a creative briefing, to know your graphic style preferences.
  2. I will continue with a research phase to be able to better delve into the details of the market and the company, competition and target audience.
  3. Then there is an inspiration, brainstorming and sketches phase, until I get the initial proposals that I will send you by e-mail.
  4. I will receive the feedback of the proposals and we will make the rounds of revisions previously agreed until we reach the final result.
  5. Later, I will develop all the definitive files agreed for printing or Internet.
  6. Finally I will send you all the final files with explanations to use each file, if necessary.


If the final destination of the design is a graphic support, the final files will be delivered in PDF format for printing. The works and actions carried out under this contract will be created solely and exclusively for the supports mentioned in the description of the services provided. If it is necessary to create new adaptations, they will be budgeted separately. Printing contracting and printing costs are excluded. In case of wanting to be included, they will be budgeted separately. In case of a digital design, the files will be delivered in the requested format, or the web will be uploaded in the required domain. The writing, translations of the texts, photographs and / or any service derived from the project will be facilitated by the client or they will be budgeted separately. If it is necessary to acquire a payment license for the use of fonts, images or any other third party file, I will inform you previously. This cost is not included in the budget.  


To approve the project it is necessary to make a 50% deposit in the account indicated on the budget. The remaining 50% will be paid once the project is completed. Once the payment has been received, the final files will be delivered.  


Once the first payment has been made and the texts and images have been delivered, I will be able to send the first proposals within the period indicated in the budget. The good development of the project will depend in part on the rounds of reviews and the communication of the feedback until obtaining the final result. Any delay, will be communicated as soon as possible.  


  • The prices contemplated in each economic offer are adjusted to the description of that specific project, not being extrapolated to other projects.
  • The communication will be done by email or by phone and if necessary, by a Skype meeting, in order to resolve doubts during the feedback process.
  • The Client acquires the responsibility to review the design, texts, data, communications, etc. before beginning any printing process, reproduction, use and / or dissemination and frees the Designer, its collaborators and its suppliers from any responsibility for any errors that may occur, as long as they have not been previously communicated.
  • The Client exempts the Designer from any legal responsibility that the actions, campaigns or projects developed may produce.
  • The transfer to the Client of the rights of reproduction over the design does not grant him the ownership of them. The Designer undertakes to maintain the strictest confidentiality regarding the information of the client to which, due to this professional relationship, he has access and can only be used in the scope of the development of the contracted project. The Designer has the intellectual property of the designs made, assigning the rights of exploitation to the client. The works may be published on andreacastaneda.com website as part of the portfolio.
  • The termination of the contract before the end of it by the Client will imply the total payment of the agreed economic amount until the end. If the Designer stops providing the services for any reason, he will receive payment for the services provided until that date and the client will be entitled to a 10% discount.
  • Review clauses: the agreed revisions will be made in the corresponding budget. Any additional modification must be paid separately.
  • This document is the property of Andrea Castañeda, and its content is confidential.
  • This document may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, or shown to others, or used for purposes other than those that originated its delivery, without prior written permission.
  • In compliance with the provisions of the LEPD, we inform you that your personal data are collected in order to adequately provide the services you request, as well as for compliance with tax and legal obligations arising from the provision of this service. These data will be incorporated into a file called BUDGETS whose purpose is the preparation of budgets, presentation of products and services offered to customers. The recipients of this information only and exclusively will be the workers of this company.