Your freelance Graphic Designer

Your business is your personal project, you have worked hard to get here, and you want to continue growing. Or you may be starting, and you know that you have to make yourself known and position yourself in the market. Or that your company takes time, but it needs to renew its image to continue reaping successes.

I can help you communicate all the qualities of your products and services through graphic design and stand out from your competition.

My name is Andrea Castañeda and I have more than 10 years of experience working as a graphic designer, designing logos, business cards, brochures, posters or advertisements. And I have helped many companies improve the quality of their image, attract more customers and increase their sales.

I create graphic design projects that get results.

How do I work?

Knowing your project

The first step is to have a meeting via Skype so you can explain me more details about your project and your ideas. I will ask you several questions to define your graphic style, and to offer you what you need to improve the image of your business.

Do you agree?

I will send you a detailed budget that includes my working conditions and the characteristics of the project. If it is ok to you and you accept it, we will start working together. You must make a 50% payment in advance.


At this point, I get to work. The first step is to investigate and gather all the necessary information about the design project. And start making the sketches of the ideas that arise until you have the agreed proposals.

Your Logo

Always counting on your opinion throughout the process, I will continue adjusting the designs until I reach the final proposal. A design that reflects your style and with which you feel comfortable. The graphic design will finally communicate the values ​​of your company to your customers.

Final files

Once the final design has been chosen, I will adjust the technical details to give you the final files. If it is a paper project, the PDFs ready for printing. If it will be published on your website, I will send you the optimized files. And then yes, you pay the remaining 50% and I will send you the files.


Why working with me?

I have more than 10 years of experience as a graphic designer, design is my passion.

I take care of all the details, and I get involved in the projects as if they were my own.

I like being in touch to report progress and I always respond quickly.

I know the importance of deadlines, so I always deliver on time.

Once the project is finished, I am still available for any questions or queries.


Do you need a graphic designer?

Make your business finally have the brand image you are looking for.

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or ask for a free assessment session.