Posters design for fairs

Posters for gyms fair

Design of a panel system for a Gym Factory stand. An event that takes place in Madrid, for products and services for gyms and fitness centers.

I tried to draw attention through large photographs. These high impact images, while capturing the interest, communicate the diverse uses of the floorings that are being promoted in these panels.

Each panel, 2 meters wide by 2.40 meters high, handles a different range of colors. But simultaneously all are recognized within the same graphic system.

A flyer was also designed to be distributed among the attending public. This brochure is visually integrated with the stand’s graphic. In this way the image of both the company and the product is reinforced.

See the flyer.


Posters for mechanical workshops fair

Design of a 2.40 x 2 meter panels system for a Motortec stand. A fair where the latest developments in machinery and services for mechanical workshops are presented.

The product to promote was vinyl tiles for industrial use. So a flooring layout was designed that showed the different options that these tiles provide. Including also the possibility of printing logos or images.

The target audience for this product has a more technical profile. That is why panels with high-impact images were interspersed with others that contained more specific information about each product, according the requirements of the audience.

Flyers were also designed to be distributed among the attending public, which although they had their own style, were perfectly integrated with the graphic style of the stand.

See the flyers


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